Caring Places, Building Healthy Communities – Right here, right now!

pic 2 caring places blog

by Wendy Lansdown

This week Charlotte and I were due to be supporting one of the 10 conversations (and hundreds of natters) at the Caring Places, Building Healthy Communities event with Buurtzorg Britain and Ireland.  We were excited about what promised to be a buzzy, stimulating, ideas-exchanging event.

And then came Covid… instead of sharing time and ideas with some of the most inspirational thinkers and doers in this space… Donna Hall, Hilary Cottam, Jos de Blok, to name just a few…. We – like most of the population – are at home… doing what we can, where we are, with the people we are connected with.

And yet, despite all the reasons to despair, there are many reasons for hope.  Charlotte and I have had very different experiences of Lockdown, which we plan to write about here in the coming days.  We would like you to share your experiences too. So, we have two scenarios, we invite your input… please take your pick, or even better… join in both!

  • Win, Learn, Change – A simple and favourite exercise for so many scenarios… and perfect for now…
  • New Week, New Learning – In this fast paced learning environment, we ask you to share yours in (approximately!) Week 1,2,3,4…and now

We’d love your contributions by the end of April, and we’ll weave a selection of reflections into our next blog….

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