‘I had Lost my Focus in Life’

Anwar Mikha

by Anwar Khan, Neighbourhood Cares Volunteer

2017 was a truly annus horribilis for me, after a long period of illness my dear wife passed away in November, I was really in doldrums, as I had lost my focus in life.  In January I decided to do something positive and refocus, so I went to Soham Library to see what volunteering opportunities were available.

Serendipitously Neighbourhood Care Soham team were holding a Volunteer for Soham event that day, I looked at opportunities with a range of organisations and chose the library.  Neighbourhood Cares are based there and my role soon grew to encompass supporting the work of their team too.

With their support, encouragement; and I will go as far as to say a degree of affection my role has become more than a volunteer as I am involved in the following activities:-

  • Co hosting the monthly tea and cake drop-in
  • Blue badge/buss pass on line applications
  • Computer buddy
  • Time Credit management
  • Self help Diabetes group
  • member of the Soham Community Association
  • Scam Awareness Champion

All of this would not have been possible without unstinting support and encouragement by the team, their contribution to get me through my despair has no monetary value.  As far as I am concerned the teams input into changes that have occured in my life is incalculable.

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